Hi-Tech Law

At the intersection of technology and business, we provide our its clients the kind of legal representation that only the joint expertise of specialists in hi-tech law and intellectual property can provide.   

We advise hi-tech companies at all stages and in a large variety of fields. We represent companies in all areas of technology, including software, cyber law, digital printing, open source, internet, privacy, mobile applications, e-commerce, bio-tech, medical devices, agro-tech, clean-tech and hair and beauty products and technologies. At the seed stage, we advise founders and early stage companies on founder agreements, corporate structuring, protection of intellectual property, employee incentive schemes, obtaining and registering clear chain of IP title, and preparing for and successfully executing fund raising.

For our clients that are at a more developed stage, we advise on commercialization of IP, technology transfers, joint ventures, further fund raising, management and exits (whether by way of M&A or an IPO) or growth. Our particular strength is supporting the ongoing commercial development of our clients and the preparing of those special agreements used in the various Hi-Tech segments, such as Licensing Agreements, Integrator Agreements, Value Added Reseller Agreements (VAR), Luminary Agreements, Distribution Agreements, R&D Agreements, Software as a Service Agreements (SaaS), Clinical Trials Agreements, Open Source Agreements, Proof of Concept Agreements (POC), and many more.

M&A: Investment Rounds

Properly structured M&A deals can help small companies become big and help big companies expand their competitive strengths. BL&Z Law Offices and Notaries adds value in any of these transactions. We have successfully represented companies and shareholders mergers and acquisitions, locally and cross-border. We have represented foreign companies in various jurisdiction with regard to their investment in Israeli companies, as well as representing foreign companies that have purchased entire Israeli companies.

We have also advised Israeli shareholders and companies on their exit transactions. We help our clients manage every aspect of a transaction, including financing support, regulatory approval, due diligence, valuation and operational issues. Amongst others we take steps to ensure that the IP components of major transactions are handled to our client’s maximum benefit, we handle any issues that apply to labor agreements, advise boards of directors and special committees on their fiduciary duties and potential liabilities and more.


We advise local and foreign clients on all aspects relating to running business in Israel, including the setting up of subsidiaries, property lease agreements and labor law matters. We advise our clients throughout all phases of their business’ existence, assisting in the formation of their company, drafting all formation documents, and founder agreements and accompanying them as they mature and enter into the commercial phase,

structuring, negotiating and drafting agreements in connection with distribution, joint venture or the acquisition or sale of their assets. We have experience in traditional business, including manufacture and franchising. Clients look to us as for general commercial counsel as well as for our legal expertise.

Patent and Technology Licensing

We have extensive experience structuring, negotiating and implementing agreements that enable our clients to maximize the value and usefulness of their intellectual property assets. We are experienced in drafting and negotiating complex intellectual property licenses and agreements. We work closely with our clients to structure the various types of intellectual property agreements to best protect their business interests worldwide.

We have expertise across multiple specialties and represent businesses at all stages of growth, from start-up companies to established companies in the medical device, biotechnology, cyber, artificial intelligence, water and agricultural industries. We also help our clients move innovation from academia to the marketplace. We have particular expertise in open source commercialization models.

Internet and Computer Law | Data Protection and Privacy

We understand the technology critical to your company’s success operating on the Internet. We provide our clients, who range from first-time entrepreneurs and start-up companies to established companies, with guidance and advice in all matters relating to the Internet and Data Protection and Privacy. We provide our clients with counsel on establishing and maintaining an Internet presence (whether passive or active) and the associated agreements including drafting the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and other legal documents that may be required.

We are also experienced in the drafting of agreements for collaborations between website owners and suppliers, agreements with different service providers in the Internet field and other agreements. In addition, Adi is a skilled litigator in the highly specialized and dynamic field of Internet and Computer Law, including Data Protection and Privacy, Anti-Spam, and intellectual property related cases.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the General name for a “family” of legal rights: copyrights, patents, trademarks, industrial design, trade secrets and any right aimed at preventing imitation and copying of works.

Intellectual property is the essence of any business of any kind and in all stages. It exists in the initiative stages of a new business struggling to built its goodwill and market.

Intellectual property also exists in an already functioning business seeking to preserve its reputation and resume inovation in its field.

Every business, in every field, seeks to differentiate itself from its competitors, to protect its unique knowledge and avoid unnecessary exposure to imitation and copying by others.


Copyright protection provide a wide defense for a variety of works: artistic works, such as a statue or map; dramatic works, such as a play or film; literary works, such as a lecture, a book or computer programme, and so on.

The law in Israel seeks, on the one hand, to protect the creators of these works and, on the other, seeks to balance the right of exclusivity of the creator against the desire to enrich society with these works.

Our firm has extensive experience in conducting negotiations and court proceedings relating to copyright infringement, on behalf of both sides of the aisle.


A trademark represents the Goodwill of a business, service or product through a logo, drawing, mark, number, color, word or combination of words. A trademark is intended to facilitate the identification of the origin of the product or service.

A trademark can be registered in Israel and worldwide. The importance of registering a trademark is that it provides an exclusive ownership of the mark in relation to certain goods or services.

Our firm has extensive experience with prosecuting trademarks before the Israeli trademark registrar and handling trademark cases before Israeli courts. The firm also provides legal services such as issuing warning letters and agreements relating to the unlawful use of trademarks.

Industrial Design

Registering an industrial design provides protection on an object’s aesthetic value and unique shape. An industrial design is an object intended for mass production such as a design of a cup, a piece of jewelry, of a dress and the like.

Infringement of an industrial design will occur if and when John Doe will blatantly imitate the design. An industrial design may be registered with the Israeli Patent Office upon being confirmed as being “new” and of a “unique nature”.

Israel’s new Design Act legislated on 2017, offer protection also to unregistered designs.


Patent right is an intellectual property right that protect inventions or improvements of existing inventions. An invention can be a product or a method in any area of technology, as long as it is innovative, useful and can be used.

A registered patent provides its owner the exclusive right to prevent others from using the invention. It is highly important and recommended to register a patent in case it involves innovation or when the invention is the heart of the business and in order to use the patent for future commercialization of the invention.

Legal proceedings designated to enforce patent rights and commercialization of patent rights are complex procedures. Our firm has extensive experience in such procedures.

Commercial imitations

Importing and/or production of a product which imitates a well-known product of another without authorization from the rights’ owner is a commercial imitation. The imitation of a product in a manner that is confusingly similar might be unlawful according to Israeli law if it meets that law’s provisions. Commercial imitation may be an infringement of a variety of intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademarks and industrial designs. However, it is also an independent cause of action in Israeli Courts.

We have substantial experience in providing legal counseling and legal representation in Israeli courts both for rights owners and third parties facing claims for infringement of intellectual property rights.